Software Development

Software Development

We are here for you to ensure that you achieve quality Management, Reliability and Efficiency to attain business targets within the projected time at minimum cost possible.

Socnet Solutions Ltd is a private limited company with highly qualified staff and directors with a vision of bringing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions to all those who need them. Socnet Solutions Ltd was, on the 30th day of April 2004, incorporated with Limited Liability by the Registrar of Companies (Uganda) under The Companies Act (CAP 110). Registration Certificate No. 63648.

Socnet Solutions Ltd is involved in all major areas of the ICT industry. We handle areas of software development of general and custom applications. We have the ability to perform the required System Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, Installation/ Implementation and Documentation to suit the client’s needs. We offer training in various disciplines of ICT.

Socnet Solutions Ltd offers Consultancy on various ICT issues to organizations that may seek knowledge on, say, what kind of hardware to purchase to suit the needs of the organization. We offer web development services which may involve website design, re-design or upgrade. We have the ability to design database driven and/ or interactive websites depending on the client requirement.We also offer network solutions. This may include, among others, setting up and maintenance of networks.